About Us

Avanti toys is a startup toy design and manufacturing company with a mission of creating safe, fun and innovative toys for infants and young children. Our team members are experts in technology, innovation and child behavior..

We spent a lot of time in every aspect of the toy design to meaningfully engage and keep your baby entertained for hours. We all believe in music, which plays a very important role in the overall development and conceptual abilities of a child. There are not many toys in the market, which can provide unlimited music, lullabies and audio story playback.

ZAMBU, BUNGA and KUMKI are our first unique and creative products, which provide endless music entertainment for kids and also for adults. ZAMBU, Bunga and KUMKI are multifunctional, from toy to a wireless speaker and to a Bluetooth headset. Refer to our product section for more details.

Please feel free to provide your feedback using 'Contact Us' link and we hope you enjoy our toys.

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