How it Works

Pairing is a process, which connects the toy to a smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device. Follow the below steps to pair your toy with a device.

Now you are ready to explore all the different features of ZAMBU, BUNGA and KUMKI


Baby Pairing

Baby Pairing

Connect to Smart phone, Tablet or any Bluetooth Enabled Device: Zambu, Bunga and Kumki pairs and connects to your iPhone, iPad, Android, Win8, MP3 Player, Tablet, Laptop, Smart phone or any Bluetooth enabled device.

Music Mate

Music Mate

Zambu, Bunga and Kumki plays songs, music, lullabies and your baby's favorite music

Play Personalized Voice

Play Personalized Voices

Record songs or stories in your own voice and Zambu, Bunga and Kumki will play it back to your baby making it more personalized.Meaningfully engage and keep your baby entertained for hours. Teach your baby essential sounds, making the learning process fun and engaging

Hours of Story Time

Hours of Story time

Plays your baby's favorite stories from any audio story books or from any smartphone story apps

Wireless Speaker

Wireless Speaker

Use Zambu, Bunga and Kumki as a wireless portable speaker. Pair it with your music player and start enjoying crystal clear sound both indoors and outdoors.

Baby Connect

Baby Connect

Talk to your baby or loved ones using Zambu, Bunga and Kumki. They come with a built-in Speaker and Microphone. Acts as a hands free phone when paired with a smart phone. Sing a song, tell a good night story and talk to your baby by calling a phone paired with Zambu, Bunga and Kumki. Zambu, Bunga and Kumki give you the freedom to stay in touch with your loved ones from office, car or when you are away from home.

USB and Battery

USB Charging and extended battery life

Zambu, Bunga and Kumki have a built-in Lithium Ion battery and is chargeable through USB. It gives an extended battery life and amazing standby time when fully charged

Zambu Teddy

Siri and Google Voice works only with Zambu Bluetooth Teddy.

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